Tuesday, July 6, 2010

13 years of Morgan

Morgan turned 13 May 2nd. I cannot believe that 13 years have already passed. She is growing up way too fast. I couldn't be more proud of her. Here are a few pictures from her birthday party and a few thoughts on her. We took her and her friends shopping and them back home for a slumber party.

Morgan and a few of her girlfriends.

13 things about Morgan Anne Taylor
1. She is smart - she obviously got that from Mark! She is way smarter and much deeper thinking than I will ever be!
2. She is caring - she has a very sensitive and caring heart. She is very sensitive to the needs of others, and she has a real desire to help them.
3. She loves to read - if you want to find Morgan, find her book! She has read more books in 13 years than I have read in 35 years.
4. She is a true blond - for being very smart, she doesn't have a whole lot of common sense! Just ask her where ground beef comes from. You may think it comes from a cow, but she has other thoughts!
5. She is a christian - Morgan put on her Lord and Savior in baptism earlier this year, and she has a true desire to serve God.
6. She loves CDR - who knew when Mark and I met there that she would love it just as much as us one day? She truly feels at home there.
7. She loves romance and love - where did this kid come from? I think maybe I should have her tested to see if she is really my child!!!
8. She is a good role model - even though Haleigh would NEVER admit it, she wants to be just like Morgan! She is a great example to her brother and sister as well as to her friends.
9. She loves musicals/acting - again, where did she come from? I think she may really belong to Mandy!
10. She is embarrassed by me - of course, most kids are, but Morgan REALLY is. She doesn't want me to do anything that would draw extra attention to her.
11. She is shy - Morgan will never be the one out there as the center of attention at a party. She will be the girl in the corner hoping that no one notices her.
12. She is beautiful, inside and out - she doesn't need makeup and fancy clothes, she knows that true beauty comes from what she does and how she acts, and I think she is stunning!
13. She is a great friend - Morgan never judges people, she just loves them and supports them. She will always be there to listen and give advice. She is a true blessing to those that know her. If she isn't your friend yet, you should get to know her better! You will be blessed - as I have been for 13 wonderful years!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

December 2009

The first snow of the season arrived December 2nd, and we were all very excited. The snow was so pretty, but it was gone before we were even out of school for the day.

These pictures were taken 12/23/09 - it was 77 degrees that day, so we took the dogs and the bikes out for a spin!

Mark and I went to Wal-Mart the day after Thanksgiving and bought this bike for Jacob for $29. That was our best buy of the day. We decided not to wait until Christmas to give it to him because his other bike had loose handlebars. He was so happy!

The very next day was really cold - much different than our bike riding day. On Christmas Eve it started snowing, and we had a beautiful white Christmas. The kids like to open a few presents on Christmas Eve, so they got to open the presents that they got for each other. So, here are a few pictures from Christmas Eve.

Christmas morning fun took place very early with Haleigh and Jacob waking us up around 6:30. This was by far the funnest Christmas - Jacob was a spaz - he was over the top with excitement!

Once it warmed up a bit on Christmas Day, we went outside for some snow day fun!

Now, if you have made it this far...you get a real treat. This is the love of my life. I am still wondering what made me fall in love with him!

Well, we had a fun end to a fun year. Hope everyone has a happy new year!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

A New Blog

I have started a new blog at www.mtaylor2010.blogspot.com! Come check it out - I need all the encouragement I can get for my year of change!!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Soccer - CDR - Nottingham

Soccer - Jacob played soccer this fall for the very first time, but he has decided that he loves it and that he is going to play soccer FOREVER! Here are a few pictures from his first game.

Getting a pre-game inspirational talk from the coach!

Jacob is #9

He got to play goalie for part of the game - he looks bored!

Here comes some action...let's just say that he became a better
goalie as the season went on...

The after-the-game inspirational talk from the coach...we'll get them next time!

The season is over...on to basketball...his first love :)

CDR - One of our favorite places on earth was the site of the fall youth retreat. Morgan is the only "youth" in our family, but when it comes to CDR...well, we all come along for the ride! It's a good thing they need chaperones :)

Here is Jacob doing the "Ms. Huffley" - she is a teacher at his and Haleigh's school that Haleigh is terrified of! Jacob likes to pretend he is her to scare Haleigh!

What a spaz!

Nottingham - Did you know we had an actor in the family? Neither did we until Morgan told us she won the part as "Martha" in the school musical Nottingham. It is the story of Robin Hood set in the 50's. It was very cute, funny, and a blast to see Morgan sing, dance, and act!
Morgan and Allyson "getting ready".

Morgan and Stormie

Morgan and Cooper

Morgan beginning to turn in to Martha!

Goodbye Morgan, Hello Martha!

Holt and Morgan as John and Martha after the performance.

You would think this is more up Haleigh's alley, but she said she would NEVER do what Morgan did in front of all those people...so funny, and so opposite what I would think of my girls.

Our Star! We are so proud of her.